Leave the packing to us, enjoy peace of mind.

Shipping the goods require export packing..For the goods to reach safely and in good condition, the packing has to be fit for purpose. At Samamiah Shipping, we are experienced in export packing and you can have complete and total peace of mind that your goods will reach its destination in safe condition.

Packing products can be either at your premises or at our Warehouse, either way it will be well packed for the shipping. Our team of experts will carefully pack your items and make sure they are suitably wrapped and packed for shipment to Ghana. For most items, our standard wrapping is robust enough for the protection of your goods, however for items which require extra protection, you can make use of our special packing and wrapping service.


Fragile items

For fragile items, we have cartons / packing material to protect it. Your Glassware, China, delicate items, Lamps, Mirrors, paintings frames etch will be professionally packed for the safe shipping. For large items, we can have custom crates, items like Pianos, Chandeliers, Statues, Vases, Ornamental furnishings etc.

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